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Tour Travel Adventure Yogyakarta

Tour Travel Adventure Yogyakarta

Lying stretched along the equator Indonesia has it all: tropical islands, volcanoes, waves, wildlife, unique cultures and peoples, yummy cuisine. Go for a journey with us - visit places you've never been before, never heard about before. In our blog we write about Indonesia, its culture and rich historical heritage, our travels and experiences.

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Borobudur, a small village - where the largest Buddhist temple is located. Most tourists only come to visit the temple alone - then go home, not many know, it turns out there are many tourism potentials in Borobudur that we can enjoy. One of them is the Borobudur VW Tour. Getting around, passing through the still beautiful rural streets with coconut trees lined up neatly on the side of the road and green rice plants adds cheerful tourism with the VW Cabrio after we see the beauty of the sunrise from Punthuk Setumbu.

VW took us and the team across the green rice fields

Volkswagen 182 Classic

The fleet used to get around the tourist village uses the Volkswagen type 182. The roof of the car is open and the passenger capacity of 4 to 5 includes a driver and with a variety of colors will certainly add to the attractiveness of tourists. At present, there are around 70 fleets provided.

Volkswagen type 181/182 (Steering on the right) was originally a small military vehicle used by Germany during World War II. Produced in 1969 to 1983

Start the journey around the countryside around the Borobudur Temple

Choose your own route and tour duration

There are 3 tour packages that we can choose, including:

SHORT Rp. 350,000 / car
✓ Duration 2 - 2.5 hours of travel
✓ Village roaming tour around Borobudur temple
✓ Visit of 2 tourism objects around Borobudur Temple

IDR 450,000, -
✓ Duration of 3.5 - 4 hours of travel
✓ Village roaming tour around Borobudur temple
✓ Visit of 3 tourism objects around Borobudur temple

IDR 600,000 / car
✓ Duration 5-6 hours of travel
✓ Village tour around Borobudur temple
✓ visit 4 Attractions around Borobudur temple

Because our time is limited, we chose short trip by visiting 2 Tourism Villages:

  • Nglipoh Village

As a Pottery craftsman center, here we can learn to make pottery by ourselves. However, the process of burning pottery for a long time causes us to not be able to immediately bring home our work. But don't worry, we can ask the studio owner to send it via post.

Pottery craftsmen show how to make ashtrays
Travelers who perpetuate the making of souvenirs

For local residents who are dealing with clay every day, it only takes 2 to 3 minutes to produce an ashtray with the motif of the Borobudur temple stupa in the middle. In addition to producing souvenirs, residents also make cauldrons, sangan bolong and others. After spending approximately one hour, we go to the next destination, namely:

  • Omah So Ndene

A private house as well as a gamelan or musical arts gallery located in Giri Tengah Village offers fast musical lessons or Javanese music art. Mr. Tijab will teach you easy bass tones that we can try. There are several musical instruments used, including: Kenong, Saron, Demung, Slenthem, Gong, Gambang, Sitter, Gender, Kendang, and Bonang. So for 10 people to be needed, it takes

Gamelan music instrument
One of the tourists playing Bonang

Here are the attractions that we can choose besides the 2 places above:

# Camera house
# Chicken Church
# Puthuk Setumbu
# Pereng Nduwet
# Mendut Temple
# Pawon Temple
# Candirejo tourist village
# Pottery craft souvenirs
# Wooden Souvenir
# Junkyard Autopark
# Balkondes
# Breeding of Honey Bees
# Batik

Which needs to be prepared when enjoying VW Cabrio tours

Because some of the village roads that are still land and cars are open, ask the driver for the mask. Bring sunglasses and sunblock to protect yourself from the heat of the sun. Especially during the dry season. More is recommended to follow the activities in the morning when the air is still cool and the sun is not too hot.

The Cabrio car runs slowly so tourists can capture the surroundings

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