Bali is known for its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and relatively low cost of living compared to many developed countries in Asia. Bali is also considered a dog-friendly destination. Many hotels, restaurants, and public areas are allowing dogs, and there are also several dog-friendly beaches and parks where you can take them with you.

There are plenty of properties with a big garden and quite close to nature that allows your dog to move around easily. But when you have to stay in a smaller house or apartment – it’s always important to walk your dog regularly.

The importance to walk your dog on a regular basis
#1 Physical exercise

Walking provides essential physical exercise for dogs, helping to maintain their overall health and well-being.

#2 Mental stimulation

Walking can help stimulate a dog’s mind and provide a mental workout, reducing boredom and destructive behavior.

#3 Bonding time

Walking with your dog is a great opportunity for bonding and building a stronger relationship.

#4 Potty breaks

Regular walks can help regulate a dog’s elimination habits, providing a convenient and controlled environment for potty breaks.

#5 Socialization

Walking can help dogs socialize with other people and animals, improving their behavior and overall temperament.

Friendly trails to walk your dog in Bali

It is recommended to walk your dog at least once a day, but the exact frequency and length of walks will vary based on your dog’s age, breed, and individual needs. Always consult with a veterinarian to determine the best walking plan for your dog and here are 5 dogs friendly areas to walk your dog in Bali: 

#1 The Campuhan Ridge Walk – Ubud

Campuhan is a beautiful, peaceful, and quiet walk through rice paddies, with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The walk is approximately 2 km long, making it a great option for a morning or afternoon stroll with your furry companion.

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#2 Seminyak beach

Seminyak Beach is a good place to walk your dog because they provide plenty of space for dogs to run and play. The sandy beaches and shallow waters also make for a fun environment for dogs to explore and interact with the water. Additionally, these areas are usually quieter and less crowded than other more tourist-heavy areas, providing a more relaxed atmosphere for both you and your dog.

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#3 Sanur beach

Sanur Beach is surrounded by a paved road, which can provide a convenient and accessible route for walking or jogging with your dog. The road offers a scenic view of the ocean and a peaceful atmosphere for you and your pet to enjoy. 

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#4 Jogging Track Sukawati Sudamala 

Jogging tracks Sudamala provide a safe, paved route for you and your dog to exercise and spend time together. You can walk through rice paddies and have stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The walk is approximately 1,3 km long. There might be some local dogs barking at you on the way to the entrance gate. But keep just keep going – they will not follow you to the track. Entrance fee IDR 2000.

#5 Niti Mandala Renon 

Located on Puputan street, Denpasar – Niti Mandala Renon is not a specific place designated for walking dogs, but if you are a dog owner and you are in Niti Mandala Renon, you can certainly take your dog for a walk there. it is always a good idea to use a leash when walking your dog to keep your dog safe and under control. The walk is approximately 1,5 km long.

Rabies in Bali

Bali has experienced a high number of rabies cases in recent years, with many domestic dogs being affected. The main reason for this outbreak is too many street dogs and the lack of vaccination of domestic dogs on the island.

The best way to keep your dog from getting rabies is through vaccination. It is recommended that all dogs receive the rabies vaccine as early as 3 months of age, and then receive booster shots every 1-3 years depending on the type of vaccine used and local regulations.

Consider keeping your dog on a leash when outside and supervising them at all times to prevent them from hunting or eating wild animals.


Walking your dog can have a number of physical, mental, and social benefits for both you and your dog. It’s a great way to stay active, improve your overall health, and strengthen your bond with your furry friend. Remember to always keep your dog on a leash and follow any local regulations and guidelines. And don’t forget to bring plenty of water and clean up after your pet. Enjoy your walk!

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