Borobudur is a small village located near the famous Borobudur temple in Central Java, Indonesia. The village is home to around 3,000 people and is known for its traditional Javanese culture, beautiful scenery, and friendly people. 

There are plenty of activities that you can do there, such as: 

#1 Historical Tour
Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is home to a number of historical landmarks. One of the most famous is the Borobudur temple. Built in the 9th century during the reign of the Sailendra dynasty, Borobudur is one of the largest Buddhist monuments in the world and was constructed in three tiers. Adorned with over 2,600 intricate relief panels that are beautifully carved on its wall. Borobudur temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site, recognized for its cultural and historical significance and becoming a popular destination for both tourists and religious pilgrims. 

The Indonesian government has implemented a policy that restricts visitors from climbing the temple to respect the temple’s status as a sacred site and to prevent damage to the ancient structure. The entrance fee for locals is IDR 50,000 and IDR 350,000 (~ $25 USD) for foreigners.  

You can also visit the museum located near the Borobudur Temple complex:

  1. Borobudur museum: this museum features a collection of artifacts related to the history of the Borobudur Temple, including stone carvings, statues, and other archaeological finds from the area. The museum also provides information about the temple’s construction, history, and significance in the context of Buddhism in Indonesia.
  2. Samudraraksa Ship Museum: this museum features a replica of the Samudraraksa ship, along with other exhibits related to Indonesian maritime history and culture.
Borobudur 02
Mendut Temple

Mendut Temple is a Buddhist temple located about 3 kilometers from the Borobudur Temple. The temple was built during the early 9th century and is famous for its impressive architecture and beautiful carvings. It is built in the shape of a cube and features three levels, with a domed roof at the top. The temple is decorated with elaborate relief carvings that depict scenes from Buddhist mythology and stories of the Buddha’s life.

One of the most notable features of Mendut Temple is its large statue of the Buddha, which is seated in the main chamber of the temple. The statue is over 3 meters tall and is carved from a single block of stone. The statue is believed to be one of the oldest and most beautiful Buddha statues in Indonesia.

Mendut Temple is also significant as a pilgrimage site for Buddhists. Many devotees come to the temple to pay their respects to the Buddha statue and to meditate in the peaceful surroundings. The temple is also a popular tourist destination, and visitors can learn more about the history and significance of Buddhism in Indonesia by exploring the temple and its surroundings.

Pawon Temple

Pawon Temple is a small temple that consisting a single chamber and a simple, square-shaped roof. The temple’s name, “Pawon”, is believed to be derived from the Javanese word for “kitchen”, although the exact reason for the name is uncertain.

Pawon Temple is also significant as a stop on the pilgrimage route between Borobudur and Mendut temples. Many pilgrims stop at Pawon Temple to offer prayers and make offerings to the Buddha. The temple is also a popular tourist destination, and visitors can learn more about the history and significance of Buddhism in Indonesia by exploring the temple and its surroundings.

#2 Cycling

Cycling through small villages in Borobudur can be a wonderful way to experience the local culture. As you cycle through these villages, you’ll have the opportunity to meet friendly locals, see traditional houses, and learn about the local way of life. You can stop by local markets and food stalls to try traditional Javanese snacks and dishes. Bicycle Rental is available in Borobudur. 

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#3 VW Safari Tour

Volkswagen tour in Borobudur is a popular way to explore scenic landscapes and cultural attractions in style. This tour typically involves riding in vintage Volkswagen cars (Volkswagen type 181), which are a nostalgic symbol of Borobudur’s past and a fun way to travel around the village. During a Volkswagen tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit some destinations, such as: 

  • Chicken Church
  • Punthuk Setumbu
  • Svargabumi
  • Rumah Kamera
  • Junk Yard Auto Park
  • Balkondes (Balai Ekonomi Desa)

It’s recommended to take a sunrise tour (medium). The tour will start around 4,30am in the morning then drive to Punthuk Setumbu where you can witness a stunning sunrise over the temple complex. In addition to the sunrise view, Punthuk Setumbu also offers beautiful views of the surrounding hills and valleys, making it a great place to explore and hike.

The prices to rent a Volkswagen in Borobudur is IDR 400,000 (short), 500,000 (medium), and 650,000 (long). 



#4 Making Pottery at Nglipoh Village

Nglipoh village is a wonderful place to experience traditional Javanese pottery-making techniques and learn about the rich cultural heritage of Central Java. If you have an interest in pottery or traditional crafts, a visit to Nglipoh village can be a rewarding and educational experience. The cost of this activity is IDR 25,000/person where you can bring home the pottery that you have made.

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#5 Horse-cart trip

A horse-cart trip in Borobudur is a popular way to explore the area and its surroundings. These trips typically take visitors on a scenic ride through the countryside, passing traditional villages, rice paddies, and scenic hills. A horse chart trip in Borobudur is a unique and relaxing way to immerse yourself in the local culture and scenery. It’s also a great way to explore the area without the need for physical exertion, making it a suitable option for all ages and abilities.

Overall, Borobudur is a fascinating and unique destination – offering a glimpse into the rich culture and history of Java, Indonesia.

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