Since we started our trip late, we decided to visit Muara Muntai for lunch. Muara Muntai is a unique village because most of its streets are made of wooden planks. The villagers call it “jalan kayu”, which means wooden road. The wood comes from the local trees, such as ulin, meranti, and benuang.

Before lunch, we decided to walk along the wooden road and see what the village had to offer.


Things To Do in Muara Muntai

#1 Exploring the Wooden Village

Muara Muntai is called the wooden village for the houses and the road that is made of wood.  The road is about 3 km long and connects the houses, shops, schools, mosques, and other public facilities in the village. It also serves as a bridge over the river that crisscrosses the village. The wooden road was like a living room for the villagers, where they socialized and interacted with each other.

Muara Muntai
Muara Muntai
#2 Visit Masjid Agung Al-Muhajirin

Masjid Agung Al-Muhajirin was built in 1997. The mosque had a beautiful architecture, with a green dome and four minarets. It also had a jetty where boats could dock and passengers could pray. The mosque was very spacious and clean.

#3 Enjoy Local Cuisine

After visiting the mosque, we found a local warung that served traditional dishes from Kutai Kartanegara. Muara Muntai was famous for its fish dishes, especially patin. We ordered grilled catfish with spices and served with rice and sambal.

We also ordered grilled chicken and sayur lodeh (mixed vegetables in coconut milk). For drinks, we have Ice tea and Coffee Tubruk. The food is delicious and the price is affordable.

Is there any Hotel in Mura Muntai?

Muara Muntai offered accommodation for travelers who wanted to stay overnight.

List hotel in Muara Muntai
#1 Penginapan Srimuntai

This is a simple and affordable accommodation that offers rooms with basic facilities, such as beds, fans, toilets, and showers. It is located near the wooden road and the riverfront. The owner can also arrange tours to nearby attractions, such as Jempang Lake, Semayang Lake, Mancong Village, Tanjung Isuy Village, and Melak.
Peginapan Sri Muntai phone number  0812-5336-5605./ +6285 349 630 030

#2 Hotel Nita Wardana

Hotel Nita Perdana is a budget hotel located in the market area of Muara Muntai. It offers basic rooms and easy-to-find food around the hotel, as there are many warungs. The hotel’s phone number is +6281 347 108 478.


We would like to stay here longer, but Mr. Udin had waiting for us to bring us to our next destination.