After exploring the serene Semayang and Melintang lakes, our next destination was Tanjung Isuy, a small but charming village by the edge of Jempang Lake in West Kutai Regency. This trip took place in 2016, a time when online booking was not our go-to method. Instead, we arrived and paid for our stay directly, which cost us 50,000 IDR per night per person. Although breakfast wasn’t included, we did enjoy complimentary coffee in the morning.

Long House Tanjung Isuy

Upon arrival in Tanjung Isuy, we were greeted by the sight of Rumah Lamin, a traditional long house belonging to the Dayak Benuaq Ohong tribe. The long house, named Louu Taman Zamrud, is situated about 200 meters from the dock, and we had to walk through a quaint village to reach it.

Staying at Rumah Lamin

Louu Taman Zamrud was a unique and affordable place to stay. For just 50,000 IDR per night, we got a standard room equipped with a fan. The long house also featured a small terrace at the back, offering a breathtaking view of the expansive forest. The front part of the house was occupied by the owners, while the rear section served as the guest accommodation. Fast forward to today, and the price has risen to around 120,000 IDR per night.

Inside the long house, a variety of souvenirs were available for purchase, including intricate wood carvings and hand-woven fabrics. These were not just limited to the long house; many local homes also sold beautiful souvenirs. My friend, bought a rectangular wooden carving that depicted various animals. The seller explained that this carving represented a calendar for the Dayak tribe.

Where to eat in Tanjung Isuy

For dinner, we explored nearby food stalls. I opted for some Chicken satay from a warung (small eatery) not far from where we stayed. Other options included nasi goreng (fried rice) and mie goreng (fried noodles), ensuring there was something for everyone.


The next morning started with a warm cup of coffee and discussed our plans with Pak Udin, who was guiding us through our journey. The weather was clear, making it a perfect day for taking photos and exploring.

Things to do in Tanjung Isuy
  • Stay in a Long House (Rumah Lamin): Experience traditional Dayak culture by staying in a long house like Louu Taman Zamrud. It's a unique and immersive way to enjoy the local lifestyle.
  • Shop for Souvenirs: Tanjung Isuy and nearby villages offer a variety of traditional souvenirs, from wood carvings to woven fabrics. These items are great mementos of your visit.
  • Enjoy Local Cuisine: Taste the local dishes from the nearby warungs. Options like satay, nasi goreng, and mie goreng are delicious and readily available.
  • Cultural Performances: Occasionally, you can witness traditional Dayak dance performances and music in the village. These events provide a deeper appreciation of the local culture.
  • Nature Walks and Photography: The lush surroundings are perfect for nature walks and photography. The clear morning weather offers the best conditions for capturing stunning landscape photos.