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You will see the legendary tourist attractions in a new light, and will be taken off beaten path to discover the hidden gems of Indonesia.

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Every tour can be booked in its original form, or you can ask us to change it to a personalized itinerary.

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Drone photography, a culinary experience, upgraded transport and accommodation, cooking lessons, a visit at local family, a local language class, and much more.

Yogyakarta and Central Java

Yogyakarta and around

Meet Yogyakarta - a busy city with an unique charm and cultural heritage. Yogyakarta offers amazing architecture, street art, art galleries, coffee shops and various cultural attractions. Famous for its arts and crafts, Jogja is also the center of wayang theatre, batik, gamelan and traditional rituals.

There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to trips you can do from Yogyakarta: Merapi volcano, Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Hindu temple, ancient ruins, unspoiled southern beaches, caves, natural parks and forests. Let us take you on an amazing tour in Yogyakarta!

West and East Java

West and East Java

Being the center of civilization in Indonesia, volcanic island of Java is famous for archeological sites, enchanting natural beauty, timeless traditions in art, music and dance. We will show you the highlights of Java - amazing temples, pristine beaches, rainforests and Javanese soul and culture.

Bali & Lombok

Bali & Lombok

Cycle in the rainforest, explore secret beaches, snorkel in clear waters, catch surf waves, bathe in volcanic springs, watch traditional dances at the sunset, taste fresh seafood on the beach or simply indulge yourself when staying in a tropical villa - there are lots of things to do on the islands of Bali and Lombok! You will feel the busy Kuta in South Bali, peace and quietness in the area of northern and western Bali. While riding along the western edge of Lombok, a row of resorts in Senggigi will appear - a paradise for holidays spots seekers.

Indonesia: 17.000 Adventures

Indonesia: 17.000 Adventures

Indonesia has 17,000 islands, of which only 8,000 is inhabited. The country offers a lot of adventures and has thousands of reasons to leave your home. If you intend to visit Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Papua or any other place in Indonesia - we can help.

At Indoneo, we have developed an extensive network of contacts throughout Indonesia - airlines, hotel owners, tour operators, local guides, drivers, etc. We can help organize your trip including land transportation, discounted airline tickets, accommodation, cheaper entry fees for tourist attractions, food and more! Tell us where you want to go and leave the rest to us.

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