Why Dead Animals on the Street Receive Canang Sari in Bali

Placing canang sari on deceased animals is not a random or careless act, but…

Butha Kala

What is Buto Cakil?

"Buto Cakil" is a character from Javanese mythology, prominently featured in…


What is Odalan?

Odalan is a term used to describe a traditional village temple festival,…

Locals spit fire during a lively Ngerupuk procession in Ubud

What is Nyepi?

Nyepi is the Balinese Hindu New Year, a unique and important cultural and…

What is Canang Sari?

Canang Sari is a daily Balinese Hindu offering, typically made from a small…


A backpacker is a traveler who explores with just a backpack, seeking adventure, new cultures, and experiences, often on a budget and with a flexible, independent spirit.

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Hotels offer private rooms, focus on comfort and privacy. Hostels are budget-friendly options featuring dormitory-style rooms and communal spaces, making them ideal for socializing.

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A flashpacker is a modern traveler who values both comfort and budget-friendliness, striking a balance between luxury and adventure to create unique travel experiences.

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